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Based in Lancaster, PA, CleanAir Vent is the industry leader in air vent cleaning services for homes. Since our business started in 2004, we have strived and successfully delivered remarkable services to clean and purify your air duct system. Our growing and loyal clientele is proof of this unmatched service and commitment.

Here are some of the featured services we also provide to improve our air vent cleaning services for better and cleaner homes:

• Air Vent Cleaning — We offer duct cleaning services to clean and maintain various components of your heating and cooling systems. Our use of a forced air system is a guaranteed way to get rid of accumulated dirt, debris, and contaminants from the air duct system, including the supply and return air registers and ducts.

• Electrostatic Filter Installation — Our professional and trained technicians also specialize in installing electrostatic filters, which are necessary to lower energy costs. This accessory helps improve the dust-holding capacity and efficiency through its electrostatic charge and a vaster pleated material surface.

• Fresh Aire UV — The Fresh-Aire UV light reduces mold and other types of microbial growth inside the air system.

• Apco Ultraviolet Light — Apco Ultraviolet Light is installed in the ductwork of your central air system and is designed to help reduce airborne odors, toxic chemical vapors, germs and mold in your home.

CleanAir Vent is undoubtedly the leading air vent cleaning service provider, with our continuously upgraded system to guarantee better indoor air quality. Our services and new products will ensure your home is cleaner and healthier. We work on keeping your overall air duct system free from contaminants, allergens, pollutants, dirt, and more through the most advanced technologies and air vent accessories.


• Air Vent Cleaning $299.00 for 9 vents (additional vents $20 each)
• Electrostatic Filter $129.00-$159.00
• APCO Ultraviolet Light $869.00

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