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CleanAir Vent in Lancaster, PA continues to keep your homes safer through our dryer vent cleaning services. Our loyal and growing clientele could attest to our unfailing air duct system services, as we now expand to keeping your dryer vents operable at all times.

Here are some of the services we offer on top of cleaning and maintenance of dryer vents:

• Dryer Vent Cleaning — Our services to maintain and clean your home’s or business’s dryer vent are designed for better results and longer lasting use. We have professional dryer vent cleaners specializing in residential and commercial settings. Our services will prevent fire hazards and higher costs to substantially operate.

• Lint Alert Installation — The Lint Alert is utilized for your protection through continuous monitoring of airflow and giving you the exact pressure or data in the exhaust system. Through the data, you can ensure your dryer is operable and at a safe level, and you can save energy consumption as well.

• Providers of Social Service, Thank You — Another special offer that never expires is our Thank-You promo for all social service providers. We provide free dryer vent cleaning exclusively for firefighters, military, and police officers with a purchase of our Air Vent Cleaning package.

• Discount Dryer Vent Cleaning $30 Off. Get $30 off our dryer vent cleaning services when you access our air vent cleaning service for more than just an affordable package deal.


• Dryer Vent Cleaning $129.00

From residential to commercial buildings, our dryer vent cleaning services are designed to guarantee quality and affordability. CleanAir Vent is here to provide homes with better indoor air quality through our air vent and dryer vent services. Get in touch with us through phone, or email us for service details.

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